Your Future is Our Priority

Study In China is a company that started with the intention of giving something back to the society. There are so many students out there who have great potential but are not given the proper opportunity to receive a high quality education. We started ‘Study In China’ with the goal of overcoming this and helping students receive a higher education that is both affordable and exceptional.

We try our very best to provide our students with nothing but the best options available to them and this process includes everything that starts at consultancy and ending upon successful registration. We are dedicated to providing you with a high standard of consultancy that is rooted in first-hand experience itself.

We know the value of education and we know its cost, so we go the extra mile to ensure that both of these factors are thoroughly considered when dealing with our students.

This is the core of our business model. We were built upon this idea and we are committed in providing our students with  world class overseas education at the lowest cost.

First hand experience...

Our CEO / Founder was once a student in China, which gives us first hand experience with the Chinese education system. We know how their enrollment process works and we have years of experience dealing with them. This helps us ensure that the admission and transition process of our students is as smooth as possible.

Our Philosophy

Our plan is to ensure that our students always choose the right path when it comes to their higher education. In order to provide this, we maintain strong connections with a list of very well reputed universities. Whenever a student contacts us, we analyze their situation and we evaluate what the best options are for them. We provide them with these options and we help them decide where they should apply to.

Once you decide which university you want to apply to, we guide you throughout the process of registration. We help you collect the required documents and we provide you assistance with sending them. After you are selected by the university we guide you through the entire process until you are a student of the selected university.

Our Team

Our well trained staff and agents are willing and able to provide each and every student with the maximum level of dedication so that you will not have to worry about how you are going to plan your higher education. We are friendly, helpful, quick to respond and very well qualified to provide you with the best consultancy services you can hope for. The success of our work can be measured by the testimonies of our students and our high rates of successful registrations speak for themselves.
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